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At the same time in the development of an enterprise,stay true to the missio,Return society。In order to charity as the carrier,Actively participate in social guangcai and poverty alleviation programs。From2013To begin,To set up“101The hope project--YueMing educational funds”Support a large number of medium students completed their studies。And with the government,Often visit a poor、Difficult to party members,Send a consolation money and clothes in a timely manner,Often help funding money、A gift,Deal with some temporary difficulties,Over the past few years,Through the charitable donations、Donation or us $1500More than ten thousand yuan,Contributing to the poverty alleviation and social undertakings。

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       Shaanxi grand palace gate investment group co., LTD. Is located in known as“Han's birthplace,The cornucopia”And“The northwest small jiangnan”The reputation of China's famous historical and cultural city——In hangzhong。In the north qinling,Nanping of bashan,Beautiful scenery,A temperate climate、Moist,Many Kings and princes had achievements here。

       Shaanxi grand palace gate investment group co., LTD., founded in2004Years3Month,Is a large comprehensive private enterprises,The registered capital16000Ten thousand yuan。Group1A branch,5Subsidiaries,Direct participation and holding companies23A。Mainly engaged in agricultural investment、Commercial real estate、Business department、Hotel accommodation、Leisure entertainment、Trinity comprehensive service、Village bank financial services business。

       Companies adhering to the carrying forward“Small profit shaped,Win-win cooperation”The management idea,Focus on shaping“Absolute sincerity,Create brilliant”The core values,Always adhere to the grand palace gate to create one hundred goals in a staff is a Chinese dream。The company got rapid development in more than 10 years of time,Emerge a batch in hanzhong influential economic entity in the business,For hanzhong made tremendous contributions to the economic prosperity and social development。

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Shaanxi grand palace gate organic rice modern ecological agriculture park is located in the famous hometown of rice、Standardization of rice production base——Shallow mountain grassland, some towns in the southern hilly areas,Based on the original ecological cultivation in the industrial park、Quality of production,Export-oriented development strategy,Optimum quality、Resistance、Incense in growing period long8518、Huang Huazhan、Sichuan6203Give priority to dozen varieties,Promotion of black rice of origin、Characteristics of rice in organic farming,The production“Han river farmer”Brand of organic rice don't play all the pesticides,No fertilizer。Wide plant green manure and ridging dissolved,To improve the soil strength。For duck rice crop,Artificial weeding method and biological prevention and control plant diseases and insect pests,Organic farming。Products rich in many kinds of amino acids required to human,A variety of vitamins and calcium、Iron、Zinc、Selenium、Phosphorus and essential trace elements,High in protein12%。Slender grain of rice、Glittering and translucent get rid of、Smooth oil、The smell of pure,Cooking sweet soft Ci delicious taste good。The original ecological,A good place with good mountains and waters of rice ——“Han river farmer”Ecological meters,The new green health"The food"It is。

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