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Rizhao tender

By making the main fan:The tender,The binding of the tender,Print copy,Binding,Drawings of the print copy of binding,The blueprint for the print copy binding,CADOut of the figure,Engineering drawings to print copy,Data binding,Information is printed copy,Renderings for printing,Honorary certificate,The MEDALS,The bronze,Batch scanning at a high speed,High speed print copy,Binding document,The menu design,The menu printing, etc。

The picture album design printing

The scope of design printing:Business card,The picture album,Color page,Folding,Posters,Page flyer,Paper cups,Stickers,For advertisement,Hand bag,Documents,Form,The contract,Envelope,No carbon paper,The envelope,Writing paper,Red tape,The instructions,Magazine,Desk calendar,Calendar,Greeting card,

The scope of advertising:Photo print,Banners banner,Panel frames,Roll up,Water injection,The flag,Billboard,Advertising is surrounded,Column,Luminous word,LEDScreen,The door number one,Advertising word,Flags ,Rocket,The company flag

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About us

About us

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We are committed to graphic print advertising design and production,Power of rizhao economic development。

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